What is Equinapy?

Equinapy is not be confused with horse riding -- with equinapy, we focus on four aspects: horse related activities, horse care, horseback riding, and horse showing. Each part of the therapy program has an important purpose to the whole well-being of the rider. Equinapy interweaves the rider's customized therapy goals with horse riding and horse care.  The rider not only grows physically stronger but can realize excellence inside oneself and succeed beyond expectations!

The Benefits of Equinapy:

  • Horse Related Activities: These activities promote understanding of the horses and the safety issues needed when dealing with horses. Also important is the emotional bonding and healing that comes from horse and human interaction.
  • Horse Care: This aspect develops physical strengthening, body movements, listening skills, communication improvement and responsibility. In addition, these activities can help to lead to independence and self-confidence before a rider even gets on the horse.
  • Horseback Riding:  We work carefully with each rider to determine which horse is best suited to them.  We consider many aspects including growth and development and learning needs.  This match helps the rider to achieve their personal goals.  Their success is our success.
  • Horse Showing:  It takes a lot of hard work to get to this accomplishment. However, the rewards are not the ribbons that one wins at a competition, but it is the goals that were surpassed to be a competitor. It is about learning accomplishment, dealing with failure, and turning any failures into success in spite of one's personal challenges.

"Jenna has really learned to love riding.  Handling the horses builds her confidence.  Bonding with the horses and Melissa has also benefited her.  Jenna says, β€œIt has helped me learn right from left.  I like Melissa because she is a good teacher, encouraging, kind, and helps you learn a lot.”

- Julie G.


"Sugar Creek Equinapy has played a big part in the therapy program for our two autistic sons. The boys have gained confidence in their abilities and progressed to the point where they compete against others who aren't on the spectrum. They've learned how to ride, how to care for a horse and how to be coached in a challenging sport. In doing so, they've discovered resources of courage as they've overcome obstacle after obstacle in pursuit of their goals. Melissa Compton-Morgan does a magnificent job and the whole gang at Sugar Creek has become like family. I can't speak highly enough of Sugar Creek Equinapy."

- Bill B.

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