Horse Riding Lessons 

We offer riding instructions for both recreational and competition riding. Additionally, we provide hunter and jumping classes. We will help you achieve your goals!



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Private 30 minute: $30
Group of 2 - 3: $30 / rider
Group of 4 - 5: $25 / rider


Right away I was welcomed in.

"This Barn is really special. I’ve ridden at other barns that were shinier and more formal, but this was not a good fit for me. Upon my first lesson at Sugar Creek, I was greeted with a friendly “horse” hello from Johnny the Paint that I would be riding that day. A friendly volunteer greeted me and asked if I needed help with my tack, then another rider, who now is a close personal friend, greeted me with a smile and proceeded to treat me not as if I were new, but like someone who she had ridden with before. Right away I was welcomed in and after that first lesson, I never looked back, in fact I cancelled my upcoming lesson at my old barn right away and transitioned to Sugar Creek." 

— Missy M.

They show compassion.

"This place and it's volunteers and employees that take the time each day to help and ride are the best. They show compassion towards the riders and the horses and teach discipline and love."

— Jerian C.